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making fanmix’s only to realize that you have shit taste in music

i hate my family


Myrna Loy at Hedy Lamarr’s 26th birthday party at the Beverly Whilshire Hotel.

princessginaofsunspear said: Yeah the article was on the scumbag daily mail, where all the racist pro-colonialists hang out. They don’t understand they believe colonialism was improving people and that Englishmen would never touch those flithy Indians or women from the colonies

I can’t believe those people.

How dumbfounded can someone be to think it is usual for a 12 year having a child with a man who is in his 40’s or something. And how could colonialism improve when most of the problems people from former colonial places face is because of the aftermath of colonialism? Are they so blind they can’t even realize that shit. I am so angry.

I’ve been lucky. Opportunities don’t often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them. —Audrey Hepburn

princessginaofsunspear said: How it was usual back then oh and how times have not changed because teenage girls get pregnant now. Completely missing the point ¬_¬

a-are they fucking serious? a 12 year old girl being impregnated by a much…..mUCH older man is usual? That’s fucking rape no it is not the same with todays teenage pregnancies. In this case, it was rape. Rape is rape she was underage and he was a grown ass man.

ya really think Tommen is going to remain sweet and precious.

Remember that this ”madness” comes fron the incestious bloodlines so Tommen and Myrcella may carry it as well but remember how Aerys aka the Mad King didn’t show any trait of the madness until he grew older and older.

This is why I don’t want Daenerys or the Young Griff (if he is the real deal) or Tommen or Myrcella to rule Westeros in the future. No thank you.